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Bridal Flowers & Their Meaning 

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What do Wedding Flowers Say? Listed below are some popular bridal flowers and their meaning.......

                    Cream rose   -   Perfection

                          Red rose   -   Passion

                      Lavender rose   -   Rarity

                         Pink rose   -   Grace

                        Green rose   -   Freshness & Health

                          Calla lily  -   Magnificent beauty

                       Delphinium   -   Well-being

                          Freesia   -   Innocence

                     Forget-me-not   -   True love & Remembrance

                        Gladiolus   -   Generosity & Strength of character

                       Hydrangea   -   Devotion

                          Orchid   -   Magnificence

                           Stock   -   Lasting beauty

                           Tulip   -   Declaration of love

                      Blue salvia   -   Thinking of you

                            Ivy   -   Love and Fidelity

                       Lavender   -   Devotion

                          Myrtle   -   Married Bliss

                        Parsley   -   Festivity

                         Thyme   -   Courage

Today, some brides like to speak their hearts through their choices of flowers.  Interestingly, these flowers often reflect a realistic expectation of marriage as well as joy and love. Whatever the message, flowers will always be the language in which a bride can infuse her personality in her wedding with love and romance.


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